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10 Digital Marketing And SEO Trends To Watch In 2022

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

Digital marketing, SEO, advertising, and other important services we offer at J&S Digital Services

Q1 of 2022 is already over, and as digital marketers and SEO experts, we couldn’t be more excited for what's to come for the rest of this year. The potential for businesses and entrepreneurs to grow their web traffic and drive e-commerce sales upward is more significant than ever.

At J&S Services - a combination SEO agency and digital marketing agency based in San Diego specializing in SEO and digital marketing strategy – we’re taking a peek at the top 10 digital marketing and SEO trends you should pay attention to for the rest of 2022.

Here's a snapshot overview of what you'll see throughout this post:

  1. Optimizing For People Also Ask Is Boosting SEO

  2. Keyword Clustering Is Funneling More Traffic To Your Website

  3. Long-Form Articles Are E-A-Ting Their Way To A Higher SERP Ranking

  4. Ad Optimization Is Improving Marketing Success

  5. Social Media Is Influencing E-commerce Purchases

  6. Conversational Marketing Is Enticing More Consumers To Engage

  7. Data Privacy Is Challenging Marketers To Design Better Ads

  8. Focusing On One Or Two Marketing Mediums Is Paying Off Big

  9. Content Quality Is The Key To A High SERP Ranking

  10. Great Web Experience Is Keeping Consumers Coming Back For More

which digital marketing and SEO trends are going to be most popular for businesses to generate leads online

Why Do You Need To Know The Top Digital Marketing Trends?

As you read on, envision how you can harness our digital marketing and SEO expertise to use these trends to your own advantage. The landscape of the internet and social media changes day today. Keeping up with the latest and most effective methods of marketing your brand online will ensure that you stay relevant.

You’ll find that through our services, which are thorough, efficient, and backed by years of knowledge and previous application to real clients, we can:

  1. Optimize your brand’s SEO and advertising campaigns, both on your website and social media accounts, to draw in more customers

  2. Increase your social media influence to drive up customer engagement

  3. Rank your web content higher in Google search engine results pages (SERP) to increase brand visibility and authenticity, which will lead to higher rates of customer loyalty and sales growth

And so much more. Our goal as a digital marketing agency is to increase traffic to your web content and convert new consumers into loyal customers, all so you can grow your brand and boost your sales. We use the latest digital marketing trends to accomplish just that.

digital marketing and seo trends for 2022

What’s Trending In Digital Marketing In 2022?

In 2022, most of the top digital marketing trends revolve around optimizing web and social media content to create a smoother, more pleasant online experience for the consumer. You’ll see the trends on our list are focused on the growing marketing power of social media and digital ads, data privacy, user experience, content quality, the People Also Ask feature on Google search engine results pages (SERP), video content, and more.

Keep in mind that by marketing toward the consumer, we’re building up your business and helping you, the business owner, succeed in e-commerce. In the end, we’re still all about our clients at J&S Services.

Now let’s dig into what’s trending in digital marketing in 2022.

1. Optimizing For People Also Ask Is Boosting SEO

“People also ask” is a SERP feature that, according to one large study of 2.5 million Google search queries, shows up in 48.6 percent of results pages. It’s become increasingly popular because it allows internet users to find quick answers to questions relevant to their initial query. Getting your web content to rank for this spot will mean more clicks and visitors to your website.

To rank in the “People also ask” section, identify common questions related to your specific brand of content. Next, research keywords online or use a keyword optimization program to discover the relevant long-tail keywords that internet users will search for and include them in your content. Be sure you display those long-tail keywords and questions prominently in your article under headings so that Google will scan them.

Finally, write content that answers the questions you researched on your web page. Write and edit carefully to ensure correct grammar and spelling. Keep the answer concise but comprehensive; in most cases, internet users are looking for quick answers that tell them what they need to know with a glance.

If the thought of performing keyword research seems daunting, not to worry. At J&S services, keywords are part and parcel of our SEO services. To learn more about those services, contact us here today.

2. Keyword Clustering Is Funneling More Traffic To Your Website

Keywords form the backbone of basic search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. But a new trend in 2022 that will help you improve your SEO and increase traffic to your webpage is keyword clustering.

Keyword clustering is the act of identifying and combining more than one keyword to increase the probability that your web content will show up in similar search queries. In other words, you’re widening your net to show up in more search results and catch more clicks.

The keywords in the clusters are usually always relevant to your subject matter. By including as many of these different clusters as possible, you will increase your website’s authoritativeness in your brand’s particular field or industry. Increased authority leads to higher SERP rankings, as does the use of more relevant keywords.

Keywords, keyword research, and keyword clustering are essential tools in our magic box of SEO tricks and strategies at J&S Services. We’ll be happy to help you navigate the confusing quagmire of keywords to identify which ones will drive the most traffic to your web content.

3. Long-Form Articles Are E-A-Ting Their Way To A Higher SERP Ranking

Long-form articles with 2000 words or more are time-consuming to write, but if done right, they will attract more visitors to your website in 2022.

The benefit of publishing a long-form article is that it can easily satisfy the requirements of Google E-A-T. E-A-T stands for “Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness,” and it’s a factor that Google uses to rank web content. Google adopted various strategies, such as E-A-T, to provide higher quality, more relevant search results in the past few years.

A long-form article presents a vast field of opportunity to demonstrate your brand’s Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. Not only will you rank higher in SERP, but you will entice more customers to purchase your products or hire your services because of the knowledge, experience, and professionalism you demonstrated in your articles.

At J&S Services, optimizing your web content for E-A-T is part of our blogging services. Contact us here to learn more about how we can help you accomplish this traffic and SERP rank-boosting tactic for your business.

ad optimization is improving the ability for businesses to generate leads online

4. Ad Optimization Is Improving Marketing Success

Ad optimization is helping brands become more successful at marketing their products and services. Instead of throwing ads and copy at the wall and seeing what sticks, potentially leading to monetary loss, optimization programs allow digital marketers to develop the most effective advertising strategies to reach the maximum number of consumers with minimal effort.

Some companies perform studies on different ad platforms, such as Facebook, to determine the influence of specific factors on consumer engagement. Ad placement, tone, and visuals are just a few of the factors that may make or break an advertisement.

Advertising, specifically on Yelp, is one of our areas of expertise at J&S Services. One of our business partners, Sam, is a former Yelp employee and Yelp Ads expert. Thanks mainly to his knowledge and experience, we’ve developed highly successful advertising strategies, not just for Yelp but also for other ad platforms, which have helped our clients reach more customers.

Learn more about our advertising service here.

5. Social Media Is Influencing E-commerce Purchases

Social media is exerting a powerful influence on e-commerce purchases. Brands are expected to spend around 15 billion US dollars in 2022 on influencer marketing for popular platforms like TikTok and Facebook.

Businesses that want to grow their online presence and customer engagement shouldn’t ignore social media. But social media trends are constantly shifting, and it’s challenging to keep up when you already have the responsibility of running your business.

That’s why we recommend you leave social media marketing up to the experts, which is us! J&S Services can meet all your social media managing and strategizing needs. We cover the most popular platforms, including Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and more.

Let us keep up with the hassle of managing your social media presence. That way, all you have to do is sit back and watch the revenue flow in.

6. Conversational Marketing Is Enticing More Consumers To Engage

Digital marketers are finding that consumers respond better to marketing and copy that is more conversational in tone instead of stodgy and professional. Consumers want to be talked to as human beings, not talked down to like any number in a nameless mass. This trend is expected to grow in 2022.

At J&S Services, we pride ourselves on being approachable, both for our clients and their customers. As your digital marketing agency, we will strive to create marketing strategies that emphasize the “human being” part of the consumer, the individual with unique tastes, preferences, and emotions.

data privacy is forcing marketers to get more creative with how they advertise

7. Data Privacy Is Challenging Marketers To Design Better Ads

Recent privacy regulations adopted by Apple and Google have made using AI and optimization programs for designing ads less reliable due to a lack of customer data. This puts marketers in a challenging position. We have to make sure we are at the top of our creative game to design effective ads for our clients’ target customer demographics.

At J&S, we welcome this challenge. We will not decrease our efforts or shy away from the hard work of developing a successful digital marketing strategy for your business just because we may not have as much access to consumer data.

focusing on one or two marketing platforms is the best strategy to generate leads and succeed online

8. Focusing On One Or Two Marketing Mediums Is Paying Off Big

When it comes to conquering the digital marketing landscape, it’s tempting to think that the more you spread your money and resources, the more successful you’ll become at reeling in more customers. But our eighth 2022 digital marketing trend suggests that less is more.

Dominating one or two areas, such as a specific social media or advertising platform, allows marketers to concentrate and intensify their efforts instead of spreading themselves thin.

9. Content Quality Is The Key To A High SERP Ranking

This year, content quality is the key to a high SERP ranking. We mentioned earlier that Google has adopted different algorithms and strategies to deliver higher quality, more relevant search results. It’s no longer enough to just slap some words together in a blog without paying attention to crucial details like grammar, spelling, readability, information accuracy, and source citations.

When you partner with J&S Services, we’ll use our blogging know-how to craft professional, readable content for your website. Your reputation and image as a respectable player in your field are essential to maintain, and your web content should reflect that. All that care and attention to detail will pay off in the end because it will help your website rank higher in SERP.

Great Web Experience Is Keeping Consumers Coming Back For More

10. Great Web Experience Is Keeping Consumers Coming Back For More

Google isn’t just prioritizing high-quality content. They’re looking for websites that provide a great interface experience for visitors. They want to show not only the most relevant search results for users’ queries, but they also want to deliver the best of the best — and for good reason.

In 2021, 88 percent of online consumers were less likely to return to a website after a bad experience. If webpages load slowly, menu options are difficult to find, words are misspelled, or any other number of technical issues crop up, visitors would (understandably) rather take their business elsewhere.

We don’t want that to happen to your website. That’s why among J&S’s services is ensuring the copy on your webpages is optimized for SEO, error-free, and straightforward for your potential customers to read and understand. That way, you can continue doing what you do best – converting visitors into customers and selling your products and services online.

Conclusion: J&S Services Is Here To Usher Your Online Business Into The New Year

In digital marketing, it’s essential to stay current with the latest trends. At J&S Services, we’re always on top of what’s happening and changing. We help our clients take advantage of every trick of our trade to increase their online engagement and sales. You can trust us to usher you into the rest of the new year, so read why you should schedule a consult today.

We can't wait to work with you!

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