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Major Adjustments Made:

Get To Know Us

Here at J&S, we work hand-in-hand with our clients to level up their marketing and optimize their online presence. We’re a dynamic duo offering specialized backgrounds in business development, marketing, sales, graphic design, and launching new products and services. Whether your brand is looking for support with design, copywriting, SEO, paid advertising, or generic marketing tasks, you’ve come to the right place. 


Client Overview

Our client is a local chiropractic practice — Procare Sports Chiropractic — that has served the San Diego community with top-notch treatment and care for the last thirty years. Their goal is to provide families, athletes, and anybody with a need for treatment (back pain, neck pain, headaches, fatigue, sports injuries, and more) with the absolute highest level of chiropractic care in a sincere, warm, and inviting environment.

Local San Diego Chiropractor's Primary Website, SEO, Branding, and Marketing Needs

Procare has been in business so long that most new patients come from word-of-mouth or referrals. But, with the transition to digital due to COVID-19 (online presence is critical to the success of local businesses), they needed an enhanced website and updated social channels to reach and interact with their customers. Their team hadn’t updated Procare’s website since the early 2000s, featuring a look that lacked brand identity, calls to action, and SEO-optimized content. 


Their Google My Business (GMB) and Yelp! landing pages had outdated pictures, business hours, and contact information — making it difficult for patients (new or existing) to get in touch to schedule an appointment with their office. Patient forms, email signatures, and other in-person materials also missed the mark on offering patients a cohesive, branded experience. They reached out to J&S for guidance and hands-on help to overhaul their website, update their social channels, and create a long-term, sustainable, and scalable online strategy.

Do these challenges sound familiar? Get in touch with us today if your business is experiencing similar difficulties. 

How We Optimized a Local Chiropractor’s Brand for SEO

How We Helped


Our team started our partnership with Procare by doing an intensive website and social media audit to determine which content was worth holding onto and what needed to be freshened up or replaced. We consulted with Procare on their stylistic preferences for their new site and determined the best strategy for their online presence moving forward. 


Step 1: Brand Basics

We completely revamped Procare’s underperforming website, logo, and social media by giving them a branded, modern, and sleek aesthetic. A brand kit was developed to ensure consistency across various channels — colors, fonts,  and sub-logos included — and  each local listing, social media

Step 2: Digital Refresh

Every landing page was meticulously rewritten to be

keyword optimized, reader-friendly, and easy to understand. On the back end, all site pages had their SEO tags updated to ensure Google could effectively crawl and index the site to bump it up in search result rankings. Additionally, we placed strategic call to action buttons throughout the site to drive more web-sourced appointment bookings. We also added a patient testimonial section and updated the photo gallery with eye-catching photos of Procare offices and their doctors treating patients to build credibility and trust.

Procare’s patient forms also needed to match the new online aesthetic (to bring their web presence to life), so we redesigned their intake paperwork accordingly. We eliminated unnecessary input fields, cleaned up each form’s various sections, and added logos and new information where appropriate.

Local San Diego Chiropractor's Mobile Website on iPhone display
Local San Diego Chiropractor's website updated to look clean and modern.

page, and web page were updated to match the brand guidelines. We revised GMB and Yelp listings to reflect Procare’s new look and feel in order to create the cohesion their multi-channel strategy was lacking.

Results Achieved

Now that Procare has a brand built to outperform the competition in a crowded San Diego market, the sky's the limit. Leaning on our guidance throughout the rebranding process has delivered tremendous, impactful results to Procare’s online production

Improve your brand recognition for your business

Better Brand Recognition

Procare’s Brand is recognizable, modern, and tells customers exactly what type of business they’re interacting with. 

enhanced consumer engagement on website and improved number of unique visitors per day

Enhance Consumer Engagement

Since the relaunch, user website engagement has improved by over 30 percent (20+ unique visitors per day).

redesigned patient paperwork to streamline the in-office experience

Streamline New Patient Visits

Patient intake paperwork takes less time, making the onboarding and first visit experience more streamlined and enjoyable.

Generate more leads for your business with digital marketing efforts

Generate More Leads

Their lead generation through website appointment bookings has never been better.

Improved Google SEO ranking for top keywords for our local San Diego client

Improved Google Ranking

SEO rankings for top keywords like “Chiropractor San Diego” or “Chiropractor Near Me” improved from top 50 to top 15 (1st or 2nd page) on most search terms.

local listings like google my business and Yelp were updated to be easier to find

Easy-to-find Local Listings

Local listings (GMB and Yelp) are approachable, have accurate business hours, COVID-19 information, calls to action, and positive reviews.

Client testimonial quote

Working with J&S Digital has been such a great experience across the board. We’re delighted with how our new logo, site, and patient forms look and have definitely received a few compliments from our patients about it. It’s a breath of fresh air not to have to think about our marketing anymore. Just give Julia and Sam the keys to the bus and let them drive.

-Dr. Cook - Procare Sports Chiropractic

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